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Remote cargo operations during the wet season in South Sudan & the wider Eastern Africa region

Here Comes The Rain.

The rainy season has begun in some parts of the country and is spreading to others, ushering the country into its “lean” months, which will last until November.

The rains are a major impediment to access in outlying areas, which are inaccessible by road once the rains begin.

When roads are impassable, air transport is frequently the only option in Africa’s remote air operations.

Before the haulage companies set off with their valuable cargo, a thorough procurement and sorting process took place in a warehouse in either Juba or Rumbek. It can take several weeks to get goods and supplies into remote areas in the first place, and this is made more difficult if the supplies come from afar during the wet season.

“Considering the ongoing simultaneous emergencies affecting the region, including floods, the desert locust invasion and the COVID19 pandemic, regional and national authorities are encouraged to use this seasonal forecast to adjust contingency plans, and to update them with ten days and monthly forecasts provided by ICPAC and National Meteorological Services,” it said.

A summary for decision-makers will be issued in the coming days. Exceptionally heavy seasonal rains across East Africa since late April have resulted in widespread floods, following an October, November and December rainfall season, which was one of the wettest on record.

An early start of the rains is expected over central and southern Sudan, central and southeastern Ethiopia, South Sudan, southern Eritrea and western Kenya. A delayed start of the rains is expected in eastern Somalia and Ethiopia, Djibouti, northern Eritrea, northern Sudan and Uganda, according to the Outlook.

A wet season expected across Eastern Africa.

June to September is an important rainy season for Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Uganda. A wetter than usual season is forecasted for western and central Sudan, southwestern Ethiopia, southeastern South Sudan, western Kenya, eastern and central Uganda. The rest of the region is expected to receive the usual rainfall, except for a limited area of coastal Somalia, where less than usual rain is expected.

This is according to the Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forum, which was convened online on 18 May 2020 by the IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC).

A warmer than usual season is expected in northern and central Sudan, coastal parts of the region from Eritrea to Tanzania, central Temperature outlook for Eastern Africa June-Sept 2020Ethiopia, Burundi, Rwanda, and western South Sudan. A colder than usual season is expected for the central parts of the region, including central and eastern South Sudan, western Ethiopia, and the Lake Victoria basin.

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