Infrastructure Services

Reliable & Sustainable Infrastructure

Gossamer Crossing has been present on the African Continent since 2009 successfully completing projects across the region assisting to open up routes and areas that demand humanitarian assistance. Gossamer Crossing participates in “off Grid” sustainable solutions to provide power, water and housing, civil engineering & construction, communication infrastructure, procurement and project management for projects across Africa.

Service Mission

We commit to provide solutions, services and products to build and improve air, medical and infrastructure needs, to boost economic growth and the overall success of the sustainable development goals.

Infrastructure Services

Airport & Airfield Development

Gossamer Crossing provides safe, intelligent, technical solutions that are tailor-made to fit each local specification. We deliver high standard construction and maintenance work in the aviation environment. Working with you, we provide safe predictable outcomes where the operation of the airport continues alongside essential infrastructure works.

We specialize in providing airside infrastructure without interrupting scheduled services or airport operations, and always aim to offer the most innovative, green, and cost-effective service in the industry. We have specialist equipment and skills in-house, as well as access to internationally certified professionals for bespoke solutions

Infrastructure Services

Aviation Solutions

Our airfield infrastructure skills and experience include runways, taxiways, aprons, pavement construction. Our services include:

  • Rapid runway resurfacing without interrupting scheduled operations using exceptional and innovative products
  • Airfield surface rejuvenation and in-situ recycling processes
  • Cutting-edge materials and techniques, including thin-film polymer-bonded overlays, fuel resistant seals and pavement quality finishing
  • Pedestrian and vehicle routes incorporating color demarcation and anti-slip surfacing
  • Airside Markings 
  • Aircraft Ground Lighting (AGL) – Solar Powered for minimal installation and maximum efficiency
  • Parking Area Lighting – Solar Powered for minimal installation and maximum efficiency
  • Perimeter fencing


  • Our commitment to sustainability runs deep and goes far beyond just the materials we use
  • Our approach includes logistics, site operations and methods
  • Our Deep Recycling and Repave surface recycling systems extend the life of runways, and improve safety
  • We also offer a simple solution to runway rejuvenation enabling us to extend runway life and reduce capital expenditure costs

Infrastructure Services

Lighting Solutions

Gossamer Crossing provides a customizable and highly cost-effective solar LED solution for external lighting projects.  To do this we utilise the highest quality, German engineered components to efficiently capture, store and use the energy provided by the sun.  We make the best use of harnessed energy by highly innovative power management engineering, and directing the light it is required; this is augmented by smart lighting motion sensors to make sure it shines brightest only when it is required.  Our solutions are ideal for both developed and developing situations and require no hard-wired electrical source; simplifying both installation and maintenance.

Followed up with support whenever required, Gossamer Crossing ensures the best foundation for long term success. 

  • Roads, Streets and Walkways
  • Urban Areas and Markets
  • Perimeter Fencing and Security
  • Hotel Grounds
  • Properties, Parking Lots and Docks

Infrastructure Services

Road Development

Gossamer Crossing is a cutting-edge company providing a new approach to road construction and road improvements that provides innovative and engineered solutions through the combining of technologies that deliver long-lasting, better-performing roads.  The solutions are ahead of the standard asphalt process and require significantly less maintenance while simultaneously delivering cost-effective solutions and reduced environmental impact.  Our products are the perfect solution for use in austere and challenging environments, or stable conditions alike.

  • Main route construction
  • Gravel Road Upgrading
  • Drifting Sand Treatment
  • Asphalt Recycling Solutions
  • Car Parking Areas
  • Solar Road Lighting and Area Lighting

Infrastructure Services

Towers & Bridges

Gossamer Crossing provides infrastructure solutions. Our expertise in installing communication towers and expeditionary bridges has opened up newer market sectors and improved safety and communications in previously un-served regions.

Bridges are focal points for ground transportation allowing for efficient transport of goods and services. Lower food prices, increased access to health services and opening of markets are just a few of the tangible improvements we have seen realized from bridge installation.

  • Site Surveys
  • Bridge & Tower Placement
  • Transport & Installation
  • Site Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Final Certification