Corporate Responsibility

Our CSR Program

Gossamer Crossing’s passion is to enhance lives and positively impact communities. We provide viable solutions in infrastructure build and development, aviation needs and medical support services. We strive to improve lives within the communities we touch.

AMICUS HEALTH INTERNATIONAL Gossamer Crossing executes and funds programs through our “AMICUS” program providing local medical services, vocational training, community outreach programs and technology donations.


AMICUS - Humani Generis - (“A Friend to All”)

Gossamer Crossing was founded in 2008 with the core foundation of AMICUS – “A friend to all”.

Amicus core principle governed by Gossamer Crossing’s executive management team is to positively touch lives and make a difference. Gossamer Crossing supports local community efforts and provides sustainable programs in clean water provision, medical support for both outpatient healthcare facilities and mobile clinics, and hybrid power in areas where there is no grid coverage is available.

Gossamer Crossing hires from within the local community and leaves a legacy and best practices that provide basic education, vocational training, develops local talent and provides long term employment.


Training & empowerment

Youth in Africa constituted 19% of the global youth population in 2015, numbering 226 million. The United Nations defines youth as people aged 15 to 24 years. By 2030, it is predicted that the number of youths in Africa will have increased by 42%

Gossamer Crossing objective is to generate employment, both directly in its business services and indirectly through its impact in development. To illustrate its potential, IATA estimated that the growth of industry in Africa from market liberalization between 12 African States would increase GDP by US$ 1.3 billion and generate 155,000 new jobs.


Aviation outreach

Essential Air Services – Africa draws on the long history of Africa Operations. Our parent company Gossamer Crossing started working in Somalia in 2009 working with the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, United Nations and Multinational Corporations. Gossamer Crossing works throughout East & Central Africa.

Corporate Responsibility
To provide reliable transport of goods resulting in reduced time to market and business growth, increased trade, communication development, reliable health care and Education support.