Aviation Services

Creating New Routes

Gossamer Crossing is an air operator service provider for passenger, cargo, freight and medical evacuation solutions. We are creating new routes across Africa. Gossamer Crossing continually enhances our safe services to provide seamless solutions for our customers. Our passion is to create accessibility on the African continent to enable safe, secure, reliable access through our aviation services.

Service Mission

Gossamer Crossing provides timely and reliable air services in freight and cargo, VIP business jet, air ambulance, economic and regional flight in Africa


Passenger Operations

Gossamer Crossing takes pride in our safety and compliance culture, despite harsh environments in which we work in Africa. In our years of operating aviation services in the Central African Region, we are proud to be incident-free and our Cessna fleet is regularly engaged by clients to move passengers and workers to remote airfields across the region.

Our Cessna aircraft fleets are western-manufactured and serviced at their major checks in Nairobi, Kenya by industry regulated MRO.

Our aircraft can be engaged to perform international ad hoc passenger charters and contract flights as well as to undertake rugged in-country requirements where we may be able to deploy our experience of final mile operations to develop an integrated shuttle solution.


Cargo Operation

Gossamer Crossing Aviation provides on-demand air cargo services in West and Central Africa and is trusted to deliver on some of the hardest cargo flights. We offer urgent & niche air cargo solutions for

  • Oil & Gas
  • Industrial Projects
  • Contractual
  • Private Companies
  • Governmental
  • Humanitarian
  • Organizations 
  • Development Projects


Our cargo fleet is well-suited to the internal-country project operations on a series charter or lease basis. The aircraft crews are well supported by our experienced operations teams in conjunction with proven service providers from fuel companies to international permit handlers.


Humanitarian Operations

Servicing the humanitarian and NGO industry is core to our operations, and we have built up a huge expertise and reputation for reliability in this sector in recent years due to our in-depth footprint in the region.

Gossamer Crossing fleet of cargo and passenger aircraft and our ethos towards safety, transparency and honest communication are perfectly positioned for working with the UN, NGOs and international charities who have aviation requirements in countries across Central Africa and beyond.

Our Cessna Grand Caravans are well-trusted and sought after by the industry for their ability to land on remote airfields carrying either 1000 kilograms of cargo or up to 12 passengers and can provide higher payload mission support into united nations -developed airstrips.


Aircraft Charter and Logistics

Gossamer Crossing is an aircraft owner and fleet operator, but we are also able to source and undertake almost any aviation charter mission anywhere around the world.

Operating in the challenging region, our management team of aviation experts have a diverse air charter and air leasing experience and a passion for working in parts of the world that regular aviation just simply cannot reach.

Gossamer Crossing is able to provide cargo aircraft charter solutions of any type ranging from the smallest single-engine light aircraft to the world’s largest commercial airlift, the AN225.

We are also able to organize dedicated passenger aircraft charters in and out of some of the world’s most inaccessible areas. We’d like to think that we can really speak from true experience gained from the field rather than from the isolation of a far-away office in a cosy major capital – we thrive in doing what others call “difficult”.