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What science proves that algebra does help in real time ?

We are taught how to speak our first words by looking into our mother’s tongue saying mama! We go on and learn how to spell our first words with a simple recital of the alphabet. We understand to group by learning one plus one equals two and how to tackle complex issue by learning 2a+3b=5ab.

So 2a + 3b= 5ab such a simple concept but complicated with addition of both letters and numerical to form an equation. Take it on a literal point of view: I have 2 apples on one arm and 3 balls on the other; if I put both hands together I have a total of 5 items on both hands. Simple is it?

So John has a thousand shillings in his pocket and he has been sent for rice, sugar, wheat, oil and milk. So in his mind he has to value how one thousand shilling will value the items he has been sent for. He has multiple decisions 2r+s+w+5m=1000 or r+s+3w+4m=1000 or r+2s+w+m=1000 and so forth. John has to value what is needed urgently, what cost more to buy, which one comes at a larger quantity and what will last most. This are the prime decision we come up making with the use of simple numerical equation we did not value though we value their input in making life decisions.

I stand amazed by a child in the market filled his trolley with item a to z and when it comes to payment, he has the exact amount of cash to pay for his goods, then on the other hand a lady with a shopping list all calculated expenditure and when it comes to check them in, the credit card has to be involved. So what science proves that algebra does help in real time decision making?

I have fifty shillings in my pocket and I have to get to work by nine and the fair is 70 shilling and its 8.30 am. If I take a bus to the next stage it will cost me 20 shillings and the fair from that point to town will be 50 shillings, and If I board another bus it will cost me 10 shilling to the next stage and 40 shillings to town but once I alight, I will have to wait for 15 minutes for the bus there to fill up and it will cost me another 10 shillings to reach work. Or I could wait at the stage and beg for 20 shillings for half an hour and board the bus to work.

All in all, life is built on factors and decision and its simplest root is that mathematical equation that was written on your notice board that 2a+3b=5ab.

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