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It’s all in the inception of the story.

I am sited on a bench with all my young friends faking highness for the first time, each one of us has a mind-blowing story of how they first took a shot of vodka and the craziness that followed thereafter. Everyone with an imagination of centuries as the one bottle of 75O ML vodka stolen by one of my comrade father’s collection is passed around a group of 20 kids each taking a small sip and bluntly forming a face for the ages. We have been introduced to the ageing cream. It makes anyone look 18 to 21.

The dumbest thing everyone approaches the bottle differently each molding there future in the consumption of alcohol. There is that one guy really observant drinker, passes the bottle around to specific people anticipating their reactions. There is the charismatic one who facilitates the mood of the drink enabling everyone to take a sip of this brew. Opposite is the shy guy, very introverted but after every shot his speech becomes louder and louder. You notice a smile and character forming, molding the next leader of the drinking world. Then there is the main superstar a very innocent looking kid he is, but once he takes the first shot he really likes the taste how it makes him feel inside, its like a million soapy bubbles have enter his atmosphere and he is busting each one of them, and as the bottle returns to him he takes even larger gulps than the rest.

Fast forward one year down sited on the same bench but the crowd is less than 20, but more interesting people have joined the group but the no longer have one bottle of vodka, the magnitude is even bigger, different types of alcohol have been brought in to the circle, gin, beer, rum, wine etc and all will be completed before days end. The introvert becomes the alpha of the group controls the regulation of the group. The charismatic guy become funnier and sets the conversation tone of the drinkers. The innocent kid is between worlds but has one rule do not pass out till the last drink. The group is different now they have a schedule of passing the time drinking.

There is the introduction to alcohol session all the new faces are poured for a shot of the groups choosing, usually the hardest of all the alcohol. After the shot everyone pour a drink of choice to their cups and conversation of get to know begins.

Session two now everyone is slightly high except for Mr. Innocent who has a maintained a buzz, they are now acquainted to each other and everyone is openly passing conversation to each other as drinks are still being poured to their cups.

Session three is the bay before the iceberg is hit, everyone is in a happy mood and everyone shares there crazy experiences while drunk, remember that time zone!!!!! This is when shots are passed around and more shot

Then in come the glory stage, the lets create moment session, everyone is high and crazy, guilt has been shut off completely without stage four they would not be stage three. The Charismatic guy has the plan, the observant has the direction, the shy guy sets the pace and the innocent guy refuels the energy, makes sure the alcohol doesn’t finish, in the end a story is born of remember that day we did…. Everyone with a different input to the story forming one big party that may have or may not have happened, it’s all in the inception of the story.

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