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Vector Airport Systems Nventive Communications Projects

Vector Airport Systems

Vector Airport Systems: Who they Are

Vector Airport Systems was founded in 2005 to help airports manage aircraft landing fees more effectively. PlanePass was first implemented at Hanscom Field at Massport and has since undergone continuous improvement while also being implemented at dozens of airports across the United States.

They have recently expanded our reach and established a presence in Africa, with headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, led by our experienced Executive Directors Jeffrey Holcomb and Zulekha Khalid.

We understand the complexities and efforts required to implement systems at the airports and airspace. We have a dedicated team of engineers and developers working to provide you with innovative, intuitive, and high-value solutions to help our clients accomplish their goals.

Vector Airport Systems has been implemented at a number of airports worldwide, ranging from busy international commercial hubs to modest general aviation airports.

Objectives for the Vector Airport Systems Website

The Digital Assets should act as an empathetic advisor and expert through information and content marketing on our digital platform. This allows industry players to be empowered to do research online as they progress through their own industry’s journey. They shall attract, engage, and delight with the goal of creating valuable content that resonates with their audience and attract them to the business.

Scope of Work

Domain Registration & Hosting

    1. Vector Airport Systems Website

Website Development

      1. Building SEO from the ground up
      2. Copywriting & Content Development
      3. Web Experience Enhancement
      4. Set up a news, blogging, and third-party information delivery system
      5. Validate full responsive compatibility
      6. Security Validation
      7. Back Linking
      8. Chat system integration
      9. Google Integration
      10. Translation Modules
Vector Airport Systems Africa Website Development
Vector Airport Systems Africa Website Development

Social Media Set-Up

  • Social Accounts Linked
  • Branding Completed
  • Trailer Put up
Instagram Account

Instagram Page

Facebook Account

Facebook Page

Domain Verified
  1. Meta Business Manager created and linked to Instagram
  2. Pixel Created
YouTube Account

YouTube Channel

Twitter Account
LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn Company Profile

Google Business Profile

Google Page

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