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RFID Cards

KSh 500.00

We Print Plastic RFID Badges and Cards. Invest in Business RFID cards for your business today for professionalism, branding, and overall security in the workplace. This an excellent way for your staff to identify with the company and also ease the security processes and access to office activities

  • Double Sided Print
  • Size 9 by 5 cm
  • Minimum Quantity 10

For a branded Lanyard and Card Holder the badge will Cost 850/-

An optional design fee is 2500/- for design and 350 per card

RFID Cards


RFID is a shortened form for Radio Frequency Identification, and an RFID card is a small plastic card with an embedded microchip and antenna that communicates with a reader using radio waves. RFID technology enables the automatic identification and tracking of objects and people without direct contact or line of sight.

RFID cards can be used in a variety of business applications to improve operations and increase efficiency. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. RFID cards can be used to grant or restrict access to secure areas of a business. This is particularly useful in offices, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities that house sensitive equipment or materials.
  2. Inventory management: RFID tags can be attached to products or equipment to track inventory levels and locations in real time. This can assist businesses in streamlining their supply chain and lowering the risk of items being lost or stolen.
  3. RFID cards can be used to track employee attendance, making it simple to monitor hours worked and ensure accurate payroll processing.
  4. RFID cards can be used as a form of payment in situations where cash handling is difficult or impractical, such as vending machines or events.

Overall, RFID technology can help businesses improve their operations and increase efficiency by automating processes, improving security, and providing real-time data insights.


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