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It feels like Monday a great Monday

It’s Easter Sunday and Garfield does not seem to hate Monday anymore, always wondered why a cat would hate Monday yet it doesn’t partake in the pleasure of morning harassment from Mr. Boss man, for arriving one minute late, or morning lecture for students. Anyway one would still wonder.
So Easter Monday, is the buzz on everyone’s social feeds, whatsapp, facebook, twitter…and the good old school, calling, always feel s special when it’s a voice inviting you over than a text, it feels warm and easier to pick the mood of the event and the ring oh gaaaad the ring sweet pleasure.
So there is a choma plan in every neighborhood around Monday, family day. Sweet goat meat for days, chicken for days, pilau and chapatti for days. And your evil voices in your head, Watch your weight they said, eat some greens they said. Roast meat…..omg they said. Just Another holiday feature by daily nation on eating healthy. But what they hell, the gloves are off this time one on one, nine rounds, no tapping out with heavyweight champion the big show.
Mathee has brought in the stew, rice, chapatti and it looks yummificent, and their goes our socialite already taking selfies with the food. Notion is if we only us know what we are eating then it’s not worth it. The meal needs social ratings. Thank you Bill for creating micro-software, look at what you have done to us as a society. Three likes for Bill.
So everyone sits for meal in the garden, everyone with jolly faces, the younger kids restless as usual and the adults already tasting the spoons. Quick prayer and obviously trendsetter photo journalism, and their goes the whistle.
Happy Easter everybody

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