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Gossamer Crossing Website Development

Gossamer Crossing Branding

Gossamer Crossing overview

Gossamer Crossing operates on the African continent. Headquartered in the USA and Kenya for over a decade, it has had an existing footprint in East, South, West and Central Africa specializing in aviation charters, cargo and freight services, airport & aviation development, aeromedical evacuations, mobile medical clinics, civil infrastructure development and administrative assistance services. they provide end to end consulting to enhance regional growth of infrastructural needs across Africa.

Our Goal

Nventive Communication was tasked with developing its brand, digital media, and digital marketing assets. The project also included its management and building its digital outreach.


  1. Logo design
  2. Application of logo on materials
  3. Development of brand book
  4. Design of corporate materials
  5. Web development and SEO optimization
  6. Social media branding and management.
  7. Increase digital connections


Web Design

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Website link

Website Look


Gossamer Crossing Brand Book

Company Profile

_Profil de l’entreprise Français


Google Business Profile


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