5 Resolutions Every Over 18 is Should this 2014…Mututho will not win !!!


Another year and another resolution

  1. Mututho will not win

Witnesses are lining in numbers, for the less Honourable John Mututho to go to Hague. Desperate times call for desperate measure. Last year ended with a handful of Kenyans paying for celebrating their 50 years of independence. For once Just one be cool.

2.  In built Alco blow detectors in Cars

We should invest in a device that senses the Alco blow detector, it worth 100,000 of good spent money that will save 1000 of furahia Kenyans from the Alco Police Squad.

3.   Control your Drinking or Emplace Pre Alco blow in Clubs

Kenyan need to control their consumption not handle… after last year most Kenyan could manage 3.0 on Alco blow and still look sober

4.   Invest their free time and Money on building the nation

No lie but when breweries are providing most of Kenya’s taxes there is a big problem. Let save our time and money to buy and build shambas, books, and plant trees. Create jobs

5.   Enjoy the Year in happiness with no Regret

Meet new people, work harder on your duties, visit family more often, discover the country, stop tribalism, help in community policing, look for bigger things than you have, act and do and compliment yourself and other for being alive.

Have a Great Year

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