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4 Ways Print Marketing Can Significantly Increase Brand Awareness

Print Marketing Has the Potential to Significantly Increase Brand Awareness for Your Business.

Print media is now available in an infinite number of formats, and it is frequently as important as than equivalent web efforts. To improve response rates in print marketing efforts, use variable data.

Today as experts from Nventive Communication Kenya we are going to enlighten you on the ways in which Print Marketing can significantly increase your brand awareness.

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Direct mail.

One of the best print marketing techniques is direct mail campaigns. 79% of surveyed consumers say they read direct mail, and 39% say they will visit a store as a result. The majority of younger people—a staggering 92%—say they prefer direct mail than digital advertising. Businesses often have a 13 to 1 return on investment for their direct mail marketing.

Utilizing variable data in print marketing will help your direct mailing campaigns be as successful as possible. You can customize your customers’ interactions with your brand using variable data, which will boost the possibility that they will convert.

Business Cards

The conventional business card is regaining popularity. As long as individuals interact in person, business cards will be asked and exchanged. One of the best ways to raise brand awareness is still using a smart card that has your company logo printed on it. The business card is more appealing than ever thanks to current printing technology. To make the most of your use of business cards, be sure to adhere to our design best practices.

PURLs and QR Codes

Personalized URLs and QR Codes are a perfect example of how to meld your digital marketing with traditional print. Given the prevalence of mobile devices, PURLs and QR codes are crucial components of any digital outreach. They give internet users a quick and easy way to access the most important sections of your website, and the easier it is for them to find you, the more likely it is that they will take action.

With PURLs, you can design a unique landing page for each prospective buyer in your campaign. If they go to the page, you can follow customer behavior all the way through conversion. You may learn a lot about demographic response and customer response to your advertising efforts by using PURLs.

To customize the consumer experience with your business, QR codes can be designed specifically with variable data. Make sure your logo, website, and print advertising all work together to give your customers a consistent brand experience.

Brochures and catalogs Print

People are visual beings, thus glossy, printed catalogs and brochures are very well-liked by customers as a soothing alternative to scrolling through several web pages. If you sell a variety of goods, both your website and a catalog or brochure should feature them. You can provide unique coupons with PURLs or QR codes that direct customers to your website.

Additionally, you can use variable data to add customer names and information to your catalogs and other materials. When you use high-quality print, people will immediately connect your brand with high-quality goods and services. Long after they have turned off their computer screens, you may utilize print advertising to attract your customers’ attention from their mailboxes, kitchen countertops, and living rooms.

In conclusion

Present yourself to the consumer in as many formats as possible to increase brand awareness. Seeing your brand in different settings and architectural forms gives it credibility in the eyes of your customers. If you keep your logo, content, and branding consistent across as many mediums as possible, you will be amazed at the command it gives to your business brand.

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Esther Oyugi.

Communication and Content Development Intern

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