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Throwing Pebbles, She likes to Dance

I deliberately bend my knees in a squatting manner to level my hands with the gravel just below, staining my black overcoat on its ends. I gently dust my palm in a circular manner in order to have a feel off the ruff ground as I grab a handful of pebbles with my right hand and slowly shake my gripped hand for the lesser and useless pebbles to fall off and then gradually lift myself up into sapiens state.

I gracefully sieve the pebbles from hand to hand, to fish out the dust from my arms leaving fine small stones the size of half my index nail, as I take slow strides towards the house in front of me. Remember it’s just around midnight the orange light seems to groom the setting and certain cold breeze seems to haunt the empty streets with the cricket buzz filling the auditorium. I am the conductor and where is my tune.

I stand 20 feet across the mansion somewhere I can view the top windows to the second floor, since the bottom half is barricaded by the red gate and stone wall. All the lights are off with just a dim light protruding through the curtains from the right window and that must be the right room.

I intentionally go back to a room not more than a decade ago, sited in a mixed fashion to reduce noise pollution in the busy or so class room in the preparatory school days, boy girl we are placed, would it be obvious that John would not speak to Jill, no, he is too shy and she is much of a lady to start the first sentence.  What a solution to noise making! So they both sit still in the lab, sending short gazes at each other but do not dare to stare directly to the eye, discovering what has suddenly changed that she looks special and what has gone wrong that he looks dazzling. Let me borrow her pencil.

Decade down am still placed in this predicament but now it’s off my choosing and second I have pebbles in my hands.

It is freezing cold mind you and the past 5 minutes seemed like an hour, the pebbles also seem to harness all my heat from my warm blooded palms into their cold ruff coat, it’s time to send a message and a precise one it should be, one to be remembered a great story.

Take one scenario, it always works in the films, guys stand outside her door step with a rose in between his teeth, throws the first pebble gently to the window, get her attention, throw the second pebble to confirm her attention and the third to get her to the window, smile a bit for the camera then whisper sweet nothing and Walla! There you have it. She comes down to where you stand for her rose.

Here I stand me across summing up the same technic, to wow her, first date first impression. I gently throw the first pebbles, doesn’t quite reach the destination hits the wall right below the window. Baby steps, even the greatest marksman started at the edge of the bull’s eye. Take two, toss the second pebble direct hit, and the third and fourth, windows open but what transpire was not expected.

Beep, check your my what app. I slide my screen to the side then downwards to enable the browser and as conveyed two what app texts but to shorten the message, find me at the club.

She likes to dance keep it at that, do not play the tune.

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