The first ten days of January

Something to start off the year, is my first thought, it 2015 in a decade I celebrate my 20s or so I say. Everyone is compelled to diction a resolution list and follow it the first ten days of January, spear headed with leaving old baggage behind and finding new ponder. I too propose the motion, let the Is’ have it this year. To be cynical or not to be cynical, to find love or break love, to succeed or not to succeed or to procrastinate or not to procrastinate, Sayings of an old wise goat, in which is a contradiction to the two adjectives that describe the noun. Each year thousands of young goats die in the pleasure of December. Add that to our resolution, save the goats let’s eat fish, isn’t the earth aquatic.

January, time of beginnings and transition, a time to open new doors to this life, you have grown taller from past year, wiser and older, so the keys to the door are more complex, you cannot open the door without having passed the trails along the hall way, searching for the key under the hallway carpet.

The door will always seem different but also do not expect it to be so different. I can choose to open the door and moving all the furniture from the old room into the new room, may be you were fond of that sit you bought last year it comfort you well, you may just need to brush it off a bit keep the dust away. You can opt to enter the new door empty handed, to start a fresh, paint the room bright yellow to fit your mood, buy a new oven to experiment on your new found dreams of cooking call people over for some tea to fill in your new room but that just a choice, what makes you feel great.

You don’t want to be uncomfortable, that is what matters most; put an end to what bugs you, makes you wish you never bought that painting it constantly puts the room off. It’s not worth.

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