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The censorship of this topic is out of the blues….” Men will always be Men”


The deep breath out, bit of the lip, roll of the eye, the shaggy hair, the whole smiley face, goose bumps. To a woman they want a thing attached to it. This is when ,they get off the guys place she is in distress they have to swallow the “pill” and  to a woman it is more than two people holding each other after sex or rather making sweet mad love, to them it is a whole different package. She will want to ask a lot of questions, smile a lot, kiss a lot, cuddle harder would want to even go on as many times as possible for a guy all he thinks about is sleep, ‘he is tired!’

“Baby” this, “baby” that….it is a tricky situation for people to get along after sex due to the or different satisfaction of either physical or emotional. In a woman the obvious gift of multi-tasking is easy and normal and to a guy it is only one way and his one way is sleep not talking or cuddle as much or promise you kingdom come. Emotionally he is detached and the woman is more attached. 75% of sex women get satisfied because men do al the work or rather most of the work so smuggling after sex is a no! No! Because according to them it is a done deal. They don’t go thinking about it unless they are in love and even in this they find it too hard to keep holding on to the thought of holding or cuddling…

The hardest thing guys always have to do is manipulate that they can cuddle kiss up and say I love you, because an angry women leads to no sex or even bad sex, emotional misfits pulling each other. A dude does need this kind of drama he has lost of “sperms” which are genetically hard to generate it takes a lot of their strength for women is more of pleasure and satisfaction. The censorship of this topic is out of the blues…how man was made is for simplicity and how woman was made is for Complication…this is why you find them frustrated and feeling like they have been used tho’ women this is not the case. Men will always be Men. Simple terms are to be understood like they just want to take in that chill pill. We all need that space..

By Jossy Ndiho

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