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“Strings attached” Where We Go Wrong…



Meeting people especially of the opposite sex is great. The chat, the hug after an afternoon of chilling, the texting while you are at home and before you know it, comes the ultimate bit; dating. “Strings attached” trying to get that one kiss at the end of the day that’ll confirm whether you are THAT guy or not. Things however take a completely different turn when you label this thing – a relationship. So here’s the big Q, what are the deadliest sins we make that end this beautiful thing, (horrid for some of you perhaps) we call relationships?


Well known fact – guys are always horny. There is a conception girls have about our inability to multitask. I’ll let you in on 1 here, we do multitask, In our heads, it’s evident that in relationship we should do the icky, perverted if you will, thing is, we only get to do it all umm, in our heads and no where else. Sad init? We are lustful, yes, but we are young so it’s allowed, deal with it. Here are my personal thoughts on the subject, you would be amazed at how tainted a woman’s mind is, and they don’t even know this…they fail to notice the log in their eyes yet jump on the speck in ours. Now it’s over and we are back to meeting people. Why? Because you asked to know what is in my head and sure enough, you judged us and condemned us to the stake for being normal.


Dating is a game of cards always trying to find the perfect hand; in with the new out with the old, funny thing both of the genders are held accountable for this, we are all naturally shallow. Here’s how, guys are visual ladies are auditory, we all know this right? We never get enough; I mean who ever does anyway? A reason why some shall be forever single. You want to see, I want to hear you say…You think this one is fun my boyfriend is serious, let’s be friends. One thing leads to another, next thing you know you are looking the other way too much and BAAM, you are alone, yet again.


Wanting is everything in a relationship but hey, so is giving. For some this want is sex (nothing like too much sex they say), for others its things like togetherness and neediness. They say too much of something is poisonous and I conquer. It makes things boring, monotonous and predictable. For instance, envisage watching an episode of one tree hill twenty times until you can lip sync the whole thing, down to when the ball hits the ground from the net.  Mind-numbing right? Same scenario. Calling 100 times in a day just to hear your partner’s voice, getting matching tattoos and matching t-shirts my goodness! Sooner than later one of you shall be labeled crazy, needy and then follows the ‘I need space’ conversation.


Does being in a relationship mean being oblivious to appreciation? Does it mean I should shut out the rest of the world? Can I look at someone else, appreciate them in peace yet I have someone to come home to? Can I talk to other person without it being I’m cheating? Humans are naturally social, social drunks hence we do meet random people every day, embrace the fact. Don’t you just hate it when you can’t be friendly to others without being watched over? In my world, that’s called having issues. There is only so much drama we can stand before we suffocate in it. You are too envious of her to even notice that all I’m doing is comparing her to you.


This is the mother of break-ups. Pride manifests itself in relationships in lots of ways. I chose to take you out on a date, you hate the place but you do not say anything. I do something wrong, I know it, I do not apologize. I am broke but cannot bring myself to admit it. Why do we paint a false portrait of ourselves? Why can’t we just make ourselves humble? The whole thing becomes a one person affair. If we could only be able to succumb to fault, mistakes and shortcomings, I think we would stay together a little longer.


There is a very thin line, between love and hate. Love is kind, patient, good and all that. Both emotions make you feel full of life, alive and invincible. However, if you get to a point where you are always at each other’s necks, screaming, fighting or avoiding each other just to have some peace of mind, I’ll tell you one thing, “bitch move.”  Anger is a very destructive emotion and no matter how good the make-up ahem process is, I’m sure none of you would enjoy feeling or receiving it.

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