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Feather Flag Banners

KSh 15,000.00

Trying to stand out on a busy street or at a crowded trade show? Displaying eye-catching, professionally printed banner flags is a tried-and-true way to cut through the noise or stand out from the crowd. Tear drop flag banners accomplish two tasks at the same time: For starters, they are useful wayfinding tools that help draw attention to commercial businesses, booth displays, or event tents. They also give you the opportunity to go big with your branding – you can have your company name, logo, and colors seen by pedestrians, cars, and others. That’s why we make it simple to design fully customized, weather-resistant custom flag printing that meets your specific business and advertising requirements.

  • Quil, Tear, Sail or Blade Flag Print Banner
  • Strong stand & base
  • Great Quality


Feather Flag Banners printing in Kenya

We Print Feather flag banners Teardrops, feather banners, beach flags are specifically designed for outdoor and field events.  They are the perfect outdoor and indoor signage solution for drawing attention to your business, product, or promotion

Types of Banners

  1. Teardrop Banners
  2. Quill Banners
  3. blade Banners
  4. Sail Banners

We are the best outlet for teardrops printing & teardrops stands manufacturing in Nairobi, Kenya. The only things you will change are the stands, because there are the indoor & outdoor stands. They are printed on flag material which is then fixed on the frames.

The flag is made from a 4 oz. polyester material, which is weather resistant and extremely durable, making it perfect for using outdoors.

Additional information

Feather Flag Type

Indoor, Outdoor


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