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Parenting 2020s Donn count your Easter eggs before the hatch

first of all let me express that if any of the eggs hatch they better be chocolate covered bunnies offering three wishes, if not…. let me refrain….but if……Disney will have one long post card…..with a lot of blank spaces in between the lines.

true story of the boy who cried wolf

dad, i want … i want this… i want that. dad where are we going for good Friday after church, what are we doing tomorrow….. says a relentless ten year old son of a tired black father on his only free weekend. all dad wants to do is stay at home go to church the next day come home have a family meal, sleep, catch up on his favorite series, and try to have a two way conversation with his wife then the winky winky. all a man want when he is free for the holidays.

BUT the its time to start a family they said, i want to have a baby they said. kids are so cute they said. i swear i dare you to say the said..one more time. …. no sooner was it Friday that junior decides he wants everything that the pagan Nickelodeon, cartoon network, Disney channel bunnies have to offer, advertisement number one, buy 3 layer chocolate, strawberry vanilla crunchy ice cream with yogurt toppings this Easter call dad now….. reason mum did like us watching to much tv….it melted their pocket, advert number two top up now and call 0800 and we will deliver easter goodies for free. and then the major one a nagasaki on five major nagasaki of nuclear meltdown of wallet, win a trip to a glorious beach for free filled with sweet rides, clowns , cake for days, ice cream for days, balloons for days.  and oh… the kid must be accompanied by a paying adult. i swear the adult version of this advert for dudes will be a beer raining from the heavens and girls in miniskirts massaging your neck while watching the ultimate game, the kid looked like axle rose live.

daaaaaad….the song begins i want this i want that….its like my wife snitched…”offices give daddy a huge bonus on holidays ….” but look at his face dad cant say no to such a face. so he promises to buy the super layer ice cream its Easter he deserves to get high once , looking at a face slowly becoming one with the ice cream makes it all worth it, he is now a clown a multicolored clown.

readers facts: candy contains sucrose , when taken in large quantities may hinder the child’s judgement . signs screams, jumpy jumpy madman or girl, elevated speech, baby talk, crawling and crying ie devolution to one years, and finally can only say one long word dad i want. the next scene will be described in one word parent fail….

so he call the one being that can tame this thing ,and mum ie the kids grandmother. so grand mother decide to create a surprise for junior, so they go over to her house, junior is instructed there are 1000  chocolate covered eggs in the garden and if gets them all by night fall a trip to wherever he wants, and he should not leave their till he finds them all or it reaches nightfall.

long story short the boy who cried wolf never cried again grand parenting win……

happy Easter and stay true to its real mean

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