Rising Higher than the Empire State

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Give me a second   I, I need to get my story straight /my friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the empire state

Allow me to tell a story. There was once an old man who had lazy sons and fertile lands. He was worried that when he died his sons would not make use of their inheritance and let the soil go to rot. He knew that the preparing of land for planting and harvest was a hard thing. He remembered getting up at the crack of dawn to dig and dig and dig. He would begin on one corner of his farm and dig hard to stay ahead of the rain, he would dig across the farm and along its boundaries, he would dig deep so that the mulch that had long settled in the bottom of the soil would be churned up and come to the surface, he would dig wide so that his efforts covered the whole farm. For months he would dig and then he would let God bring down the rain and in this way he kept his family in food.

He was a cunning old man so when he died he wrote his sons a story of the family treasure buried somewhere in their lands. A treasure of gold and gems, of silver and diamonds, precious stones and rare metals all they would have to do is find it. The sons heard this and resolved to do just that, they began to dig. They began at one corner of the farm and dug hard to find the treasure, they dug across the farm and along its boundaries, they dug deep looking for the treasure and mulch that had long settled in the bottom of the soil was churned up and came to the surface, they dug wide so that their efforts covered the whole farm. For months they dug and then God brought down the rain. And come harvest time they looked up and saw what treasure their father was talking about. The trees were laden with fruits and vegetables, corn and maize and at their feet carrots and potatoes had sprouted across their land. Bags and bags of food and fruit found to the market place and the sons were never lazy again.

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