Damm you autocorrect (370HSSV)

Monday Morning ‘did you get my sex , it contains everything’ sent to a potential client.A perfect misrepresentation of a business etiquette. Which is either hurriedly replied with WHAT???? Or a complete text silence, thus going back to the text and noticing what a pervert  you have become on phone and you are like ‘oh sorry i meant did you get my text, it contains everything’ but its to late, the message has been sent. They know what you want.

Mobile technology was at it perfection in mid 2000s and Nokia as the tycoon in mobile sales. Oh, such a piece of beautiful technology, like the Monalisa or Mahler Symphony No. 9 in D Major . If you’ve never heard Mahler’s Symphony No. 9, grab a blanket, sit by the fire, pour a glass of wine and melt into the lush orchestration Mahler so masterfully created. So this is Nokia then 2007 to 2009, perfecting every piece in mobile technology and their grand design the Nokia 1200, twelve button easy to use keypad not keyboard, beautiful green screen graphics easy on the eyes, easy simcard fit, automatic keypad lock every 5 secs,  loud melodious ringtones with silent and vibration feature, perfect for late night texting and calls. Do not forget 390 hrs Stand by time, 420 min talktime and compact no extra accessories. An ideal phone and performs the duties a phones was meant for calling and once in a while texting. Back then if your mum or  dad told you a phone is not a toy they actually meant a phone is not a toy.







Lo and behold come in the Touch Phone, Qwerty Keypad, autocorrect, slid-a-mathings and bright LCD screen easily noticed if sending a hallo it was nice seeing you today from the reflection of your glasses, at night in your marital bedroom. The phone is smart they said, you can chat they said, be in with the time they said. whilst one is caught sending the wrong messages or pocket dials on a good clear night on the mysterious am on the way home. Damm you Autocorrect!!! don’t forget the multiple texting interesting fact  when one can view the texts he is sending and receiving in sequence from the screen, one is less found  to counter checking his or her messages before hit or touch or for zueses sake!! sliding. Oh Olympus send your Thunder and Destroy this mockery of a combination of Cell phone, a computer and a pile of puppies and kittens. People literally take it as smart phone and with social media, this piece of device turns into a demi god where people spill there dirty laundry and day to day ordinances.

In my Perfect world i view a phone as a device to make a call, send short messages once in a while add a bit of design by changing the color of the screen, may be add a radio, torch for when stranded in the woods, and a notepad or reminder to add things you would normaly forget, like auto-manual car then buy a tablet on the side to do your internet on it because of its large screen and chat on what app and what not. Make it easy for one to view photos or take photo, but this smart-mathings. forget about it.

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