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Be the type of man you would want your daughter to date.

Random conversation with pals, what would you do if you had a daughter,most of the guys will be she will not leave the house, no dating till she gets married, and that guy i swear i will kill any guy she brings home. mysteriously true this is what every 20 year old guy would do if magically a teenage daughter was dropped into his door step. it is that black and white.

Question one would ask themselves are you not like any other guy.

Take lady number one, meets a rich guy on social gathering. He approaches her and offers to take to the Coast for the weekend during the night, flight expenses paid, and to add whisky to wine, says there is no need to go home and pack clothes, he will buy her new ones. Reverse the roles any young guy will take the offer and add alcohol into it and you have a deal. So this lady politely rejects this offer she has just met him. He later takes it as an insult and tells her every woman has an offer. She leaves the room

Two, there is this guy, has a very beautiful girlfriend, he loves her takes her out to dates treats her well and introduces her as his main squeeze to all his pals. Behind the scenes, in comes the mistresses, he does not love them but he likes sex, so he gets it outside the relation, so whyblame him he is young.

Lady number three likes an a guy who loves to drink, parties a lot, calls her to party with she black out he black out, they carry each other. They find reasons to get high in the bars, the clubs, in their house any where. don’t forget also drinking and driving he lives on the first lane.

And¬†theirs is her who dates the guy who doesn’t pay for lunch, lives in her house, eats her food, wear her clothes she buys, bums all day, makes love to her all night, once in while he compliment her, but they fight most of the time, and make up again he is not leaving anytime soon.


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