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A leap of the moon, Connecting people

Not long ago, Fact was taking a leap of the moon would lead to a tremendous fall onto the earth’s ground breaking everything from your legs up to your spine and to the very  skull you would protect with every nerve in your body. To prove this raise your arm towards the ceiling on laid back position and release it to strike your face.  Falls like this so fast and quick your whole mass might just incinerate before striking the earth stratosphere,

Not long ago, the earth was flat. Rah the sun god woke up in the wee hours of the morning, made his way around the earth surface to inspect his subjects and nourishing the plants with the well needed dose of sunshine, then taking a rest on the edge of the earth for darkness to take over.

Not long ago, saying hello was a sign of good morning, dark cloud brought in rain, and where there was smoke there was fire automatically triggering a sense of defense on the impending threat about to raid your society.

Everything was yin and yang, right or wrong, good or evil. People lived on shear moral, simple beliefs and ripple effects. Refusal to grace a visitor with food would lead to impending damnation from the society.

Armstrong decides to leap of the moon to test the old beliefs, and for a second he jumps to high than normal floating on the moon atmosphere, once again the beliefs were true and he believes he shall plunge back to the earth surface, but seconds pass and he right back on his feet. So he jumps and jumps again.

Gagarin defies gravity and sets to prove the world wrong, He is ejected from the earth’s atmosphere for the first time and for one hour and forty eight minutes he set his eyes on universe. He gazes on the giant blue globe, revolving around another magnificent bright lite globe. He is orbited to the darkness and sees a reflection cast by the magnificent globe onto the grey globe revolving around the giant blue globe.

Once again, smoke might just be a man in the alley, taking a break from hard life puffing in and out tobacco. Rain might just pour on a beautiful sun lite day and saying hello is just an acknowledgement of your presence in the room.

Today’s world lives on the principal of the sky is the limit, but the stars are attainable. Modern man will brace for the impossible when he is young, strong ambitious before falling back to the old ways.

We forget the basic rules of living. As an individual one jump from the surface will automatically bring you back to the hard ground. We might yarn as much to reach the sky but we were not built to glide on the atmosphere. We do not have natural wing attached to our backs to boost ourselves from the ground to swim in the air like the bold eagles. We are simple beings with powerful mind and as they say one finger cannot structure a fist.

Though we cannot fly to the sky, we can hold hands and cover the earth’s diameter. We can stand on top of each other and reach the sun. Though we were not graced with wings to hover the skies, claws to govern the wilderness and gills to discover the depths of the waters. We were blessed with speech to share our ideas, thought to understand concepts and hands to grasp the unattainable. Though Armstrong might have leaped on the moon for more seconds than on earth, probably thinking he was flying, defeating gravity at last. He forgets Aristotle drawing horizon, the way constellations appear in the sky and the way a ship disappears over the horizon. Magellan setting voyage to revolve the world, before meeting his death on the Asian pacific.

Achieving the unattainable begins with a thought, an idea passed on through people, then achieved by one person whose bravery exceed the impossible. Connections are crucial to advancement and success of human development, building networks. Saying hello as a mode of simple acknowledgements, a hand shake to form a connection, a chat to share experiences and lo and behold a phone call across the globe, a book distributed across millions and information kept safely and passed through time.

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